Community Resource Developer

Ouachita Parish, LA 71201

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Position Description

This administrative position seeks to address the financial needs of the agency through private fundraising and to address the needs of those with developmental disabilities by enlarging the community connections available to them.

• Degree in Public Relations, Communication, or similar field
• Minimum of 4 years of experience
• Demonstrated success in the development and implementation of fundraising and awareness campaigns
• Demonstrated ability to successfully engage private funders (individuals, businesses, and grants) for the purpose of increasing funds or awareness that leads to funds or other resources
• Demonstrated ability to utilize all types of media successfully, including but not limited to traditional media sources and social media
• Demonstrated ability to develop, track, and evaluate cost to benefit analysis of specific efforts of revenue generating
• Demonstrated ability to be personally engaging and compelling when relating to individuals or small or large groups. To present information at a post-secondary level both verbally and in writing and with confidence
• Demonstrated ability to perform governmental processes according to the standards required
• Demonstrated the ability to maintain an accurate and complete data system, research and interpret information captured.
• Demonstrated ability to develop professionally presented informational tools (PowerPoint presentations, newsletters, flyers, letters. etc.) for the purposes of communications relative fundraising or to other needs of the agency.

*NOTE: As you begin this process please know that only applications which are filled out completely and accurately will be considered.

You MUST provide a minimum of 6 business references and 3 personal references. In the event you do not have 6 business references, you must substitute additional personal references as you are completing the online application.

(A full Job Description and list of Essential Functions are available at ARCO's Human Resource Department, 900 N. 3rd St., Monroe, LA. ARCO is an Equal Opportunity Employer.)

Type: Full-time